Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I've found someone as sick as I!

I was telling a friend about the story of a woman in England found in her apartment ("flat") and she had been dead for 3 years and the cause of death could not be determined because her body was so decomposed. The only reason she was found is because the flat was ready to be repossessed; the door could hardly be opened because of all the mail piled in front of the mail chute; the police reported that the television was playing and she had obviously been wrapping Christmas presents.

When I told my friend the story, I asked, "Can you imagine not one person missing her for 3 years? I expected, at least a compassionate "awwwww", but instead, she said, "Wow! I wonder what the brand of TV is!"

Of course, I'm still laughing!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder who the Christmas presents were for! I'm sick also!