Saturday, March 12, 2016


Definition of the adjective AWESOME:  extremely impressive or daunting;  inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear."

I sometimes think that "awesome" is the only adjective some young people know as I notice daily the absurd overuse--and incorrect usage--of the word.

I'm merely amused when young people misuse the word;  after all, I remember when I was a youngster using "cool", "hip", and other nonsensical words to convey an idea, I am hopeful young people will outgrow their "slanging" of "awesome', but when I hear the incorrect usage from grown-ups, I am dismayed.

At a recent City Council meeting, one of the members used the word "awesome" THREE times; the subject being referenced could NOT possibly be considered of an awesome nature.

The same Council member also actually said, "I seen....";  I nearly fainted!  I certainly hope that two other Council members who proclaim themselves as "educators" will take aside the colleague and explain about CONJUGATION!

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Anonymous said...

They probably think CONJUGATE is a sexual term. ML