Thursday, March 31, 2016


I often say that I've spent my life trying NOT to sound as if I come from Fayette County but I'll paraphrase the old saw that "you can take the girl out of the county.......".

Today in a discussion about vegetable soup I used the used the word "wangy" to describe the way that vegetable soup tastes on the second day if one uses cabbage in it.  Nobody at the lunch group had ever heard the word.  In a little survey I conducted later, I found that nobody I quizzed outside my family had ever heard the word.

My brothers and I all know what that word means to us, but it's probably just another "Gladys Word" which we inherited from our mother.  In our usage, although "wangy" rhymes with tangy, it means that the taste is "off" or "tainted", and not pleasant.

I checked on the internet and there's no dictionary which gives a definition for WANGY except for my beloved URBAN DICTIONARY:

WANGY:  "An onomatopoeic word to describe a rubberized stretchy quality;  of food, having lost its consistency, but possibly still edible."  EXAMPLES:

1.  "Don't heat the pasta in the microwave; it will go all wangy."
2.  "Don't eat the sandwich;  it's wangy, the edges are curling up."
3.  "The toast is a bit wangy;  it's been made a couple of hours."

Although these examples deal with foods, the definition is different than ours.

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Anonymous said...

I had never heard the term "old saw" before knowing you! ML