Wednesday, March 9, 2016


My Facebook Friend Hazel Lee posted the following:  "Does anyone remember when men would remove their hats when entering a room or building?  Remember when men would tip their hats when seeing a woman on the street?"

I answered that my husband STILL removes his hat or cap when entering rooms or buildings. He's lost a couple of hats in the years we've been together.

I wrote that the reason that one doesn't hear the word "doff" any more is because men don't doff their hats because most men don't wear hats, and can one doff a baseball cap?

When Gerald and I went to The Alamo, we were milling about before the presentation. I asked several men to remove their caps. Each one of them acted offended and asked why. I said, "Don't you know that you're in a CHURCH?"  I was greeted by several "hunhs"!  When the docent came in to relate the story of The Alamo, he told the men to remove their hats.  I felt vindicated.

One time, my nephew was to meet me for lunch at Bob Evans. When he sat down I said, "Take off your cap."  Dumbfounded, he asked why and I said, "Because you're supposed to!" An older woman--at least I think she was older than yours truly--leaned over to our table and said, "Thank you, honey!"

I was at the home of my sister-in-law for Christmas Eve and the boyfriend of her granddaughter was there to meet the family for the first time. All during the time he wore a ridiculous, chartreuse-colored, patterned, ski cap. When I suggested that he remove it to eat dinner, he refused, saying his head was cold.

I was at a nursing home to attend a wedding (yes, a wedding!) and several men were sitting there wearing baseball caps. I said, "Please remove your caps, gentlemen, we're going to have a wedding!" Only one did.

WTH is wrong with men? I know it's not JUST young men as those guys were all OLD!

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Anonymous said...

How about when they don't take them off at funerals? ML