Friday, March 11, 2016


I ordered The Intern from Netflix.  Les asked, "WHY did you order that;  didn't you read the synopsis?", obviously meaning that it wasn't "OUR" kind of movie.  I answered, "Well, after all, it IS de Niro!"

The story centers around de Niro's character--a retired widower--who takes a job as an intern at a company founded by Anne Hathaway's character.  One of the movie's taglines is "Experience never gets old."  and the story centers around the young people learning from the old codger and vice versa.

After watching it, I told Les it was "sweet" and he asked, "Don't you mean TREACLY?"  I do admire one who would use the word "treacly".

Yes, the screenplay was formulaic, predictable, and cute, but I was touched by one scene where de Niro's character advises a young man he's mentoring about the importance of a man carrying a handkerchief.

Naturally--and predictably--a time comes in the movie when the young man's having a handkerchief to offer to a weeping woman is important to his wooing the girl.

See the article from Jezebel about the importance of men--and women--carrying a handkerchief and that doesn't mean a pocket square in a suit jacket or a wadded-up Kleenex at the bottom of a purse:

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Anonymous said...

Les might think it's POIGNANT! Oh, by the way, I heard someone massacre the pronunciation of poignant! ML