Monday, March 21, 2016


At an organization where I volunteer, there is a "community refrigerator";  one of the women was getting ready for lunch and she saw that her pepperoni had been taken.  I said, "You should have put your name on  it."

I call my darling little citrus fruit "Clementine" (No, I couldn't resist that darling pun!)    

At Thanksgiving, when I commented how beautiful "Tom" looked, I was surprised that a young friend had never heard the term "Tom" used for a turkey!  

Les said, "If you have to explain 'em, it's no good."  I said, "I thought that everybody knew Tom Turkey!"  

I also call some Freestones "Ty Cobb",  and my Friday meal "Jim Hunter", and I used to call Tropicana "Orenthal" but I no longer do that!  

Les said, "You know, not everybody knows "Catfish" Hunter and that Ty Cobb was "The Georgia Peach" or OJ's real name!"

 I admit I didn't "get" it when he named the cornbread Cedric Maxwell!

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Anonymous said...

I had to look up the Cedric Maxwell reference! ML