Tuesday, October 18, 2016


In my article BEAT YOUR GOOD HORSES, I quoted a man using the term "jacking around".  See my BLOG article from 2013:

                     THOSE DAY SHIFT JACKS 

In my early days in manufacturing, it was common parlance to refer to people on other shifts who were not doing their share of the work as "those day shift Jacks".

When I used that phrase in the presence of my older brother he asked, "Do you know what that actually means?" and I answered, "Yeah, it means they are not doing their job." My brother informed me that the use of "Jack" referred to a common term for masturbation. I said, "Well, that is officially out of my vocabulary!" I never used the term again.

A friend sent a very interesting article to me about THE URBAN DICTIONARY (CLICK HERE to see it) and how The Urban Dictionary  is now referenced in court cases because it is an authority on the use of slang and what the terms actually mean to current users. The site has been used in court cases ranging from sexual harassment, armed robbery, and requests for personalized automobile license plates.

I was amused to see that "Jack" now also means "to steal".

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