Thursday, October 20, 2016


"Having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." read the statement from the Nobel Committee in awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan. 

It has been reported that the Nobel Committee has not been able to get in contact with Dylan and he has not acknowledged the honor and it is unknown whether Dylan will appear to receive the honor.  This is not a surprise from the mysterious, elusive Dylan.

I have loved Dylan since 1962.  Of course I possess all of his "albums" and have duplicated most of them with CDs.  Gerald and I have seen him at least twenty times in concert and those appearances ranged from phenomenal to god-awful;  we have never met him "up close and personal".  It has always been astounding to me to see the diversity of audience members which includes people like us of Dylan's generation to young people and even teenagers.

Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone was chosen as the greatest rock and roll song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. I, along with nearly every critic surveyed, agree with this assessment, and although I agree it is Dylan's greatest song, Just Like A Woman, performed by Richie Havens--not by Mr. Zimmerman--is my personal favorite song by Dylan.I have said, so many times, that Dylan wrote Just Like A Woman FOR me that people might think that I actually believe it is about ME!

See the YouTube interactive video of Like A Rolling Stone being song lip-synched by numerous people and you can flick back and forth from person to person. It is a channel-surfer's dream come true!

As I would have said in 1965: "COOL!"

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