Sunday, October 16, 2016


My brother says that I have a "uniform" consisting of slacks (or sometimes a skirt), blazer, and a pussybow blouse.  He has pointed out several photographs of my wearing THAT outfit. "Pussybow" or "pussycat bow" are terms for the large, floppy bows at the neck of women's blouses.  The bows are so named because they resemble bows put around the necks of felines and are not associated with any part of the female anatomy.  "Pussybow" blouses were de rigueur for professional dressing, especially in the 1970s.

After the exposure of Donald Trump's lewd comments, we were eagerly awaiting the Second Debate and we were joining a Debate Watch Party at our local Democratic Headquarters   When the camera panned to the family members of the candidates, I certainly noticed Mrs. Trump's attire.  When I went home, my brother asked, "Do you think it was a coincidence about her wearing the pussybow blouse?" I screaked in delight, "I didn't think about that!"

Mrs. Trump's blouse has been identified as a Gucci design selling for a mere $1,100.  It looked very pretty.  I went to my closet and saw that my favorite pusybow blouse is from Kasper!

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