Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It's bad enough to endure panhandlers coming up to our cars at stop lights or those Shriners with their buckets, but now store clerks are "guilt-tripping" me!  Am I the only one who is irritated when the clerks ask, "Do you want to donate a dollar to the Miracle Kids Network?" or, "Do you want to round up for the Food Bank?"  I complained to the Manager that I didn't appreciate being "guilt-tripped"!

Today I was at the Family Dollar Store and the clerk asked if I wanted to donate my "change" to a Kids Reading Program. Although that cause would touch my heart,  I resented feeling coerced and refused.  

Perhaps it is my imagination, but I think the clerks raise their voices so others in line can hear.
I sometimes ask, "Will I receive a receipt for tax purposes?"  When they aren't dumbfounded, they will usually say it's on the receipt.  I answer, "No, I would need a formal receipt!"

Once, in a drive-through, I had two cents change forthcoming. The clerk tossed the two pennies into a receptacle under the window.  I said, "I want my change."  She looked startled and said, "I put it in there.", pointing down toward the receptacle. I answered, "Yes, I saw that, but you didn't ask me;  I want the money or get your Manager."  She got into her pocket and said, "I only have a nickel."  I answered, "Then make change." She asked, "You really mean that?" I replied, "Yes, I want my two cents!"

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