Saturday, March 18, 2017


I am frequently irritated by the number of people I hear conducting cell phone conversations within the earshot of me and other people. Oftentimes they reveal intimate details but usually it just annoying.  

Do these people think we want to hear these conversations and don't they realize how LOUD they are?

I saw the apparatus called "HUSH ME" on television.  It's designed to allow a person to use his phone without annoying other people.

I hope offenders buy them and use them!  

Several years ago I was at my doctor's office and the receptionist called a woman to her desk and told her there was a problem with her insurance.

The woman sat down and called her insurance company on her cell phone. Everyone in the waiting room could hear her side of the conversation. It was obvious that she was being transferred from one section to another and naturally, she was irritated.

After hearing her tell her name, address, birthdate, and social security number twice, the next time time she repeated the information, I jotted down the details. When she finished talking, I went over to her and handed her the note and she asked, "What's that?" I told her that everybody in the waiting room could hear her giving out that private information and that she should go outside into the hallway.

Instead of thanking me, she actually said that I should just mind my own business. Miffed by her ingratitude, I answered that anybody in the waiting room had enough information to be able to empty her bank account and burglarize her house.

I complained to the office manager and there is now a sign posted to instruct people NOT to use cell phones in the waiting room.  

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