Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Yesterday, a woman who lives in my precinct, approached me in Kroger and told me that she'd changed her mind about the man who now occupies the White House.  I quoted Salena Zito, who wrote "The press took him literally, but not seriously, but his supporters took him seriously, but not literally."  She said she didn't understand what that meant.  I explained the quote and I told her, "I took him literally AND seriously!"

She asked my opinion of the local Primary races in May.  She is a person who has changed her party affiliation several times, has announced to run for office numerous times and subsequently withdrew her name, and is unbelievably wrong-headed, mercurial, and displays an egregious lack of knowledge.  

I asked her which candidate she had chosen for the Municipal Court Judge race. She said that she was going to vote for the incumbent.  I asked, "Really, why?"  She said she would never vote for the challenger and while telling several items, she mispronounced the name of the challenger.  I said, "I think the name is pronounced..." and I said the name and also spelled the name.  She continued, "Well, my daughter worked at the restaurant and I know a lot about them."  I asked, with a faux innocence, "Oh, did the candidate work there also;  is that how she got to know her legal ability?"  She answered testily, "I know a lot about the whole family." I replied, "So, you've changed your mind about the incumbent?  I remember that in the last election you had the opponent's signs in your yard and you told me you wouldn't vote for the incumbent that time."  She answered that the incumbent wasn't "much better" and then made a false, reprehensible allegation about the incumbent which I knew to be untrue.  I corrected her and said that it was false and she should not be saying things like that.   She asked, "Which one are you for?"

I said, "Neither one;  I'm in the other party." 

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