Thursday, March 23, 2017


Looking at synonyms for "crotchety", I noticed "querulous" and said, "I am NOT querulous."  Les laughed and gave me several examples.  

When I am in line, I don't want anyone close to me seeing me entering my PIN, writing a check, or using a credit card.  I seldom use an ATM, but I don't want anybody close to me when I do.

In stores, I like to have all of my items on the conveyor belt before the clerk starts the transaction.  When I am finished loading my items on the conveyor belt, I always place a divider, and oftentimes help the next person put items on the belt, and also offer coupons. However, I deliberately leave the cart between us, rather than pulling it forward because I want to have MY SPACE.

I respect the spaces of other people;  I expect only the same in return.

It offends me when I see able-bodied people who continue sitting when elderly or disabled people, or pregnant women are waiting in line.

Recently, we were at an Olive Garden Restaurant and there was a large number of people waiting yo be seated.  I was fortunate to have a seat while waiting.  A very-pregnant young woman came in, and her husband went to register and receive a pager.  Among the people sitting there waiting with me were several young people.  I said quietly to a young man sitting next to me, "Get up and let her sit down."  He didn't budge, so I rose and told her to take my seat.  She said, "Oh, no, I'm OK.  I answered, "No, you are NOT OK!"  I went and stood next to Gerald.

Shortly afterward, an elderly couple came into the restaurant and the man was using a cane.  I stood in front of the same man I'd asked to give his seat to the pregnant one.  He looked away and I said,  "Do you see the man with a cane who is old enough to be your grandfather?"  He nodded and I said, "Younger people such as you and I should offer our seats to older, disabled or pregnant ones."  [I thought that including myself as a "younger" was rather amusing, yet effective]  He got up, as did the young woman with him, and I went to the couple and said, "There are two places for you."

I realize that some people have had "no raisins", but whatever happened to common decency? 

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