Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Mona Lisa wrote, "You should have an ongoing series about crotchety like you do with CRINGE--FAYETTE COUNTY TALK."

Here are some examples:

People texting other people while talking to me--right in front of me--they don't even try to conceal it!

Ones who are typing away on the computer at home while they are supposed to be talking to me on the telephone.

"Professionals" who address me by my first name before I have given them permission.  I like formality and distance.  At our first meeting, my new "health care provider" actually asked what name I preferred.  I complimented her good manners and professionalism.  Thus, I call her "Doctor" and she calls me "Ms. Raypole". 

Parents who allow their children to run wild in stores and other places.  Today, a girl ran by me and she brushed against me and I yelled, "Did you say EXCUSE ME?"

At Aldi's it is clearly marked that "sitting, standing, and walking" is NOT permitted on the counters where groceries are to be sacked.  Parents, WHY are you so peeved when I tell you?

If I hear another person say "NO PROBLEM" in a situation where there is obviously NO problem, I am going to scream!  An example:  in a restaurant, I had no eating utensils at my place and as a waitress drifted by, I asked, "May I have my silverware?"  She said, "No problem."  Of course it should be NO problem as I was supposed to already have my damned eating utensils!  

Even worse:  ones who answer "NO PROBLEMO!".

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