Monday, April 24, 2017


I seldom post any political or controversial articles in Sue's News as I usually reserve it for what I consider mostly humorous incidents.  However, today, I shall post what I consider to be political AND amusing!

I was in line at the grocery and two men behind me were engaged in conversation and one began lambasting, "all these people who don't have to pay taxes and get away with getting all this free stuff."

Yes, folks, I just had to join in THAT conversation.  I said, "Oh, I know EXACTLY how you feel."  There I was, as I describe myself, "a Liberal in Conservative clothing";  naturally, by my mein, they assumed that I was agreeing with them! 

I said, "It's bad enough that the current White House resident doesn't pay any taxes, but then you have our local State Senator;  he and his family receive subsidies NOT to farm."
  I could tell the two men were taken aback;  their mouths were literally agape.  Yes, I took advantage of that shock and continued with my rant:   "I hope you're furious as I am!  GE, the oil subsidies, bank bailouts, OMG!  it's WELFARE FOR THE WELL-OFF!"

By then both had recovered;  one accused me of being a "communist";  I laughed and said, "Oh, how sad that you resort to ad hominem remarks but truly Socialist would be more accurate."   

Sadly, I had finished my transaction;  as I picked up my bags, I breezily said, "As John McLaughlin used to say, "BUH, BYE!"

In relating the story to my brother just now, he asked, "Did you really think they would know who McLaughlin was?"  I said, "But it was so perfect for me to use the words of a right-winger!"

Oh, how I wish I had been wearing a tee-shirt with this message:

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