Thursday, April 13, 2017


On Tuesday, a woman from my group asked, "What's Shrove Tuesday?" I said, "That's Pancake Day!" One of my fellow volunteers, (who happens to be a Roman Catholic), said, "Well, that's pretty disrespectful." I asked, "Why, what do you think Shrove Tuesday is?" She said, "That's when they wash the feet before Easter." I said, "Oh, it is not!" She looked shocked that I would disagree with her.   I said, "Over at the Episcopalian Church, they had a Pancake Supper for Shrove Tuesday." Rather peevishly, she said, "Well, that's the Episcopalians!"

I didn't want to be my usual sassy self and offer to bet with her that I was right, but what the hey, I continued, "In New Orleans they call it Fat Tuesday, because it's the day before Ash Wednesday, and they pig out before Lent and the traditional meal is pancakes."

She said, huffily, "Next, you'll be telling me you know what Maundy Thursday is."

I said, "Of course I know about Maundy Thursday and also about SPY WEDNESDAY." She said, "You're making that one up." I said, "I certainly am not; Spy Wednesday is called that because that's the day that Judas was given the 30 pieces; you should read your Scripture." I don't think she'll be speaking to me anytime soon.

When I came home I told Les about it and he said, "I can just see the report in the newspaper: elderly woman assaulted in debate over Scripture!"

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