Friday, April 28, 2017


In another conversation about the Armenian genocide, a friend and I were discussing the Young Turks and I mentioned that Cenk Uygur uses the term The Young Turks as the title of his newscast.  Our friend said, "Young Turks is certainly NOT a compliment."  I answered that I agreed and that I had even
e-mailed Uygur and suggested that he must not know the true meaning and the historical significance of the name.  He did not answer me but I know he was born in Turkey and I hope that he did  learn the historical reference.  In further reading, I learned that the term to young people refers to young radicals who fight the status quo. I am disappointed that the United States had never recognized the genocide.

Uygur started The Young Turks news show in 2002 and it has become the largest online news network (TYT) show with a global audience of 170 million views per month and 6 billion in total video views. His TYT Network is considered one of the most viewed online news network. Uygur began it as a talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio.  That show then became the first daily video show on YouTube in 2005.  Prior to that Uygur was the host of the same-titled show on Current TV.  I first saw him when he was the host on MSNBC Live. 

An amusing anecdote about The Young Turks and young people not being aware of the historical reference. In the 1980s one of my nephews, knowing that I was a Rod Stewart fan, asked if I liked Stewart's new song Young Turks. I answered that I didn't understand it as it had no relevance to the slaughter of the Armenians.  My nephew said, "What's that mean?"  I asked, "What do YOU think that Young Turks means?"  He said he didn't know anything about it and shrugged and said, "Oh, I just like the beat!"  Hear Stewart sing the song from YouTube:

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