Sunday, April 2, 2017


In the meat department I saw packages of chicken feet.  I found it very amusing that they were labeled "chicken paws";  I wondered if wise marketing mavens believed that would make them more appetizing to general consumers. 

One of my sisters-in-law is Korean and she uses chicken feet, as well as tripe and other parts usually considered offal.  

My grandmother cooked every part of the chicken and I can still recall seeing chicken feet sticking at the top of a pot of her broth.  She said, "We eat everything except the CLUCK!"  My mother never used them.

Yes, I have eaten chicken PAWS although I have never purchased them.    

Although composed of tendons, bone, and cartilage, chicken feet are rich in protein, calcium, and collage, as well as minerals such as magnesium and zinc.  

The "paws" are $1.98 per pound;  mixed fryer parts are 98 cents per pound.  I use mixed fryer parts to make broth;  because dark and white meat and skin are contained in the package, the parts make a rich broth.  

I said to my brother, "Perhaps chicken paws appeal to a niche market."  He answered, "You actually used chicken paws and niche in the same sentence; now THAT is funny!"

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