Saturday, April 1, 2017


Today I am remembering my mother.  I have written numerous times about my mother and quote her extensively.  Obviously, she was the major influence in my life. 

Yesterday, I mentioned to my brother, "I need to go to the cemetery tomorrow." He said, "Take the hyacinths;  the Bionic Nose would appreciate them."

I first published the following article "The Bionic Nose" in 2013:

                                                     THE BIONIC NOSE

Before The Bionic Woman was on television, we called my mother "The Human Bloodhound" because she could detect smells which nobody else could, and the scents were usually of an unpleasant nature. After seeing Lindsay Wagner, Mother was then known as "The Bionic Nose". 

Mother also had the world's best memory. Oftentimes, she would say that aromas or odors were reminiscent of ones from her childhood. After I read Remembrance Of Things Past, I told her that she was as good as Proust at remembering every detail! I would mutter, "Where's the madeleines, Mama?", whenever she would start going into excruciating detail!

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