Wednesday, April 5, 2017


                 BREAKING NEWS: 

On "National Crayon Day", Crayola announced it is "retiring" one of the colors from the Crayola 24-Count box: DANDELION.  The  120-Count box showing the retirement includes a contest to name the new replacement color.   

The color "Dandelion" was not added until 1990, which seems rather young for its retirement.  Binney & Smith began boxing crayons in 1885 and over the years Crayola has retired 50 other crayons, most notably "flesh".   Boxes of Crayola crayons have always been in increments of 8:  8, 16, 24, 48, etc.  

Watch the cute , animated video commemorating the "farewell tour" of  "Dan D" as he enjoys the adventures of his "golden years":  

I have written several times about my childhood love of Crayola crayons and have a large collection of Crayola products, including numerous boxes of crayons, Christmas ornaments, and other memorabilia.  I am not upset about losing "dandelion", but would vehemently protest if "magenta" were removed!  

My brother, looking over my shoulder, said, "Awww, Dandelion has gone to seed!"

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