Sunday, July 30, 2017


My friend told me, "You need a fourteen-year-old grandson." Whenever I have computer issues.

Now, whenever I am having computer problems, I call my friend Char's grandson Cory to help with the problem.  He came one time and it took him 5 minutes to fix a problem.  I was having problems recently and it was after 10:00 at night.  I didn't think it was appropriate to call Cory as I know he works during the day. Instead, I  called his mother Dai who is computer savvy.  I knew that she stayed up late as we have had conversations late at night.  As I was trying to understand her instructions she said, "I'll just come over there."  Within moments, she arrived but she also had the dilemma and she said she would just call Cory.  I asked, "Won't he be in bed?"  She said, "Nah, he'll be up."  After a circuitous route of getting to Cory including calling, texting, FB messaging him and his fiancee, and  finally his grandmother going to the house, he was found wearing headphones and not hearing the phone. When he called, I had to allow him to see my computer and he had the problem fixed within minutes. Thanks to Cory, Dai, and Char, my late-night saviors for their above and beyond service and friendship!

Everyone will find it amusing that I was the "go-to" person when we first began using computers at work. My fellow-management people--all men--were very resistant to the change.

The men could not stand the "techies"--our company's computer guys--because they were, to a man, condescending, patronizing, and supercilious. As the "techies" were also young, their haughty attitudes did not sit well with men old enough to be their fathers.

When the "techies" came to instruct or fix problems, I actually listened, documented, and was able to apply those lessons. Other management people would call me to ask, "What program do we use for...?" "How do I get in to...?" It wasn't that I knew about computers, but only that I remembered and applied the information which I needed for work.

When I saw Jimmy Fallon on Saturday Night Live portray Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy I laughed at how accurate it was and when Nick Burns yelled "Move!" in exasperation of the ignorance of the people, I yelled, "Eric, help!", because Eric was the most arrogant of all the "techies" I dealt with at work.

Even after I retired, guys would call to ask questions and I would answer, "Look in the black notebook I left in my desk, or call Eric!"

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