Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I seldom check the names of the "mutual friends" on the postings of other "Facebook friends".  

Today, I answered my doorbell and standing there was a friend whom I hadn't seen in more than a year.  She handed a gift bag to me and said, "Happy early birthday."  I said, "How did you know?"  She said, "You're my Facebook friend."

There was a book inside the bag--Wonder Girl:  The Magnificent and Sporting Life of Babe Dedrickson Zaharias.  Stunned, I asked, "How on earth did you know I would like this?"  She replied, "Well, DUH! You wrote about it!"  I said, "But I didn't write about it on Facebook or my blog."  She answered,  "You commented on our mutual friend's page that Babe would have been treated the same way as Serena if the internet had been around when she was a star!"  

I said, "WOW! This is wonderful!  You shouldn't have done this."

She answered, "I got it at The Dollar Tree for a buck and besides, you've always been generous to me and I remember you wrote about how your friend and you like to brag about how cheap you've gotten something!"

You never know who is reading!

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