Sunday, July 9, 2017


Today, at a community gathering, a woman of my acquaintance sat down at the table where I was sitting with a friend of mine.  I know that the woman is a bigot because I have heard her say some egregious statements.  

I saw another woman with whom I had worked in the 1970s and I said to my friend, "Oh, I must see her."  The bigot said, "We used to go to school together.",  and she got up and followed me.  The former co-worker and I embraced and I told her that I had stopped by her house recently to ask her to sign a petition.  She said, "Oh, it was YOU;  my husband couldn't remember your name but he said you told him we'd worked together." We chatted awhile, reminiscing. 

The bigot asked, "Do you remember me?  We went to school together."  My co-worker said that she did.  The bigot began fawning over her and knowing full well how she truly felt about people of my co-worker's ethnic background, I was disgusted.  

I returned to the table to join my friend, and the bigot followed.  The bigot said, "She don't look any different."  I replied, "Do you mean she DOESN'T look any different?"  She said, "That's what I said."  I said, "No, you said, 'she don't'."  

Later, my friend chastised me for the not-even-subtle correction of the bigot's grammar.   I told my friend that the woman was a reprehensible bigot and I said, "I was irritated with her phony fawning and complimenting, acting as if they were BFFs in school."  

My friend screaked with laughter and said, "OMG, Sue Raypole just said BFFs;  I can't wait to report that to your cliche society!" 

I groaned and said, "Yeah, I was petty, picking on her grammar, rather than for what really pissed me off!"

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