Monday, July 10, 2017


In yesterday's posting, I wrote about a woman who is a bigot.  She and I are members of a club which meets monthly. 

Just once, I wish that a bigot would admit to being a bigot!

During a meeting in 2015, we were discussing the Obergfell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, and the bigot said, "I believe in Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."  I wondered to myself, "Does she think that is original or clever?" but instead I said, "The last person who said that was a bigot too!"  She exclaimed, "I'm NOT a bigot."  Another club member said, "But, of course you are!"  She said, "It's against the Bible."  I said, "So, you follow ALL the stuff in Leviticus?" She said, "I try to!"  I pointed to her outfit and said, "Then you should be stoned to death for wearing those mixed fabrics!"  She looked stunned.  I said, "Perhaps you should re-read Leviticus!"

At a meeting earlier this year we were discussing movies and I said that I had just watched Loving.  She said she didn't know about it.  When I told about the landmark Supreme Court decision which outlawed miscegenation she said that she didn't know that word.  When I told her the meaning, she said, "I'm not prejudiced, but I don't believe in people marrying outside their own race."  I answered, "But, of course, you ARE prejudiced."

She seemed shocked that I had said that.  She said that it was against the Bible.  I asked, "So, you believe in the Bible?"  She answered, "Of course I do!"  I asked, "Do you believe the story of Noah?"  She answered, "Of course."  I said, "But the story of Noah teaches that we are ALL from ONE family."   She said that the story meant that WE are descended from Noah.  I asked, "WE? Then everybody would be a Jew."  "No, they'd be Christians."  I asked, "How could they be Christians when Jesus hadn't been born in Noah's time?"  She answered, "Jesus comes from that line."  I said, "Well, interestingly, He comes from Joseph's genealogy, not Mary's." She screamed at me, "What does THAT mean?"  I answered, "IF you believe, then you must believe that Noah sent one of his kids to the East and that's where Asians come from and he sent another to the South and that's where blacks come from and you know they all had to find MATES!"   

Les quipped, "You know when somebody starts by saying, 'I'm not prejudiced, BUT......', she's guilty as Hell."

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