Sunday, July 16, 2017


At a local gathering, an esteemed local doctor, who is retired, was "holding court", and he was being greeted by numerous people.  One woman asked, excitedly, "Don't you remember me?   You delivered my baby!"  The elderly doctor was gracious and responded that he did remember.  

I was standing beside her and I couldn't help myself;  I laughed, and the woman said, "What's funny?"  I answered, "I'm going to ask him how many babies he delivered.  I'm sure he remembers all of them."  She obviously detected my sarcasm and said, "Well, I was pretty special."  

Later in the day, I was at another event and a man came up to me and said, "Hey, Sue, how's it going?"  I said, "Great;  how are YOU doing?"  He asked, "Don't you remember me?"  In the past, I would probably have pretended to remember the person, or struggled to recall him while  continuing conversing, but NOT today!  Instead, resorting to my old friend--humor--I answered, "Give me a hint;  I'm a lot older than you!"  He laughed and said a number, "12911."  I screamed with delight and said, "Donnie!" and he and I hugged.  He said, "I knew you'd remember my clock number!"

Listen to Ella sing I've Got Your Number:

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