Saturday, February 23, 2013


My friend Patty said that she and her friend Linda invented karaoke in the late 1950s in Indiana. She said that she and Linda sang and acted out songs for hours at a time. She said they even acted out instrumentals! They loved "Stranger On The Shore", "Autumn Leaves", "Poor People Of Paris" and today she wrote that she had spoken to Linda and told her about our conversation and Linda asked if Patty had told me about their signature number "Behind The Green Door". I wrote back, "Jim Lowe; I am so OLD!"

I wrote back and told her that while she and her friend in Indianapolis were doing that, my fellow Elvis fanatics in Bloomingburg were doing the same thing.

I wrote to Patty: "As my Algebra teacher Mr. White used to tell us: "Great minds run in the same channel OR fools think alike!"

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, before my time! ML