Sunday, February 10, 2013


A friend posted on Facebook:

"I really don't understand why young women would use foul language on Facebook. Do they not realize how trashy it sounds? I don't like it for guys OR girls, but I guess I just expect more self-respect from females. I'm quite happy my daughter does not talk like that."

Her posting caused a lengthy thread: as of today, there are 43 comments with 10 "likes": the comments range from humorous to Bible-quoting; to arrogant, supercilious, self-aggrandizing, and conceited postings. I think my remarks are humorous.

I responded by writing: "When I knew the world had changed: in the old days (as recently as the 1990s), whenever people would use distasteful language in my presence, I would clap my hands over my ears and screak, "What would your mother think?" and that would be followed by profuse apologies, until one day I said it and the person replied, "Where do you think I learned it?" Now, I only react to what I consider "offensive language" (ethic slurs, stereotypes and falsehoods), which keeps me rather busy."

Sticks and stones.......

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Arminta said...

There were a few people who defended the bad language, including my son and his fiancé. But it doesn't matter to me. I'm not "offended" by the bad language, at least not in the way of it embarassing me or anything like that. I simply think it makes people sound stupid. Everytime I hear someone use the "F" word I just know that they are not as smart as me. And yes, that is really what I believe.