Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Today I've been singing, "Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." and I just wanted to complete my errands, return home, build a fire in the fireplace, have some hot chocolate, and watch a movie!

On Elm Street, hardly a block from home, I was following behind a Jeep. Suddenly the Jeep went off the street, hit a puddle of water, and splashed the water all over the vehicle. I assumed it was a kid in the Jeep, and Hell, I've done that myself; I was merely amused as I wasn't following closely and didn't get splashed. Suddenly the driver slammed on the brakes. Then I thought it might be an erratic drunk driver. I looked in my rear view mirror and as there were no cars behind me I was considering backing up in a driveway, turning around, and getting away from that car but my intuition told me there might be a problem.

I pulled up beside the Jeep and the driver looked over--it was not a kid--and I mouthed the words, "Are you okay?" He rolled down his window and I rolled down mine. He said, "I think I just dozed off." I said, "Pull over, take a nap; there is nothing so important for you to risk your life." He pulled the Jeep off the street and I pulled behind him. I got out of my car and went to his car and I told him to get out and walk around. I then bored him with stories of my travails of driving to Marysville and I would stop in London, get out of the car, get a Coke, and then go home and also driving to Columbus and stopping at Harrisburg. I told him that I'd even taken naps; I said, "Your nap won't last long; you'll wake up from the cold!"

When I got home Les said, "It's a wonder you didn't put him back to sleep with your stories!"

CLICK HERE to read an article about the lack of sleep and vehicle accidents.

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Anonymous said...

I have dozed off myself and it is scary! ML