Saturday, December 7, 2013


Granny would always say that she'd "been out among 'em", when she'd been out socializing, meaning that she'd come in contact with different kinds of people.

Selling at craft shows each weekend for the past month, I've been "out among 'em", meeting greatly diverse shoppers and fellow vendors.

It's time for a new collection of CRINGE--FAYETTE COUNTY TALK:

JEWLERY rather than jewelry
BIDNESS rather than business
WADN'T rather than wasn't
SOSE rather than so as
NOTHER rather than other
ACROSSED rather than across
REOCCUR rather than recur
AKS rather than ask
SNUCK rather than sneaked
HEIGHTH rather than height
CANNIDATE rather than candidate
SUPPOSABLY rather than supposedly
DOGGY-DOG WORLD rather than dog-eat-dog world
UPMOST rather than utmost
EXCAPE rather than escape
HEIGHTH rather than HEIGHT
PROBLY rather than probably

And, of course, the Fayette County constant:

IDEAL rather than idea

And this one, especially for my friend Patty, who thinks I am picayune about FORTE:

FORTE: it is pronounced FORT unless speaking of music. I wouldn't have mentioned it but it was said by an OSU graduate who said, "That's my FOR-TAY!" in response to a person inquiring about a product. In a short conversation, the OSU connection was mentioned TWICE! No, Patty, I didn't correct the very proud OSU alumna as I was hopeful of selling OSU charms!

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Anonymous said...

saying "zink" for sink! ML