Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am usually impatient if I have to wait; if we go to a restaurant and there's a long waiting line, I tell Gerald, "Let's go somewhere else, the food isn't good enough to wait!" I recall that the last time I waited in line was to see The Exorcist!

Waiting is tolerable if I have "interesting" people to view! Today I was in the waiting room at our hospital and there was a splendid panoply of people and their outfits for me to enjoy! It's difficult to believe how some people go out in public. (CLICK HERE to check the "Walmartians" or Google for more!)

The first person who came in was a petite woman who was obviously dressed for the weather. She was wearing gray sweat pants which were tucked into rather stylish black boots. She was wearing a black suede jacket, black suede gloves accompanied with a green hat and matching scarf; she was carrying a small, black Coach purse. Since she was so "matchy-matchy" (that's a derisive term from the Fashion Police), and coordinated, I thought she might be of my generation, but I must admit I am totally incompetent at guessing age. I judged her to be in her 60s because of her shuffling gait when she walked in (but that might have been from the boots), and she looked like, as my brothers would say, "she was rode hard and put up wet"! She had rough skin and deep wrinkles, but I could see dark hair visible from under her hat. After our opening conversation gambit about the weather, she asked why I was there and then I asked her the same and she told me her daughter was there. As we were talking, I noticed that she still had her natural teeth; I thought that she might be younger than I had originally thought. I asked her daughter's age, but I was floored when she said, "18; she'll be 19 in January." I began adding and subtracting in my head and I thought, "If she were 18 when she was born, that would make her 36; 18 plus 25 would make her only 43; 18 plus 35 would make her 53; well, she's probably in her 50s." NO, I didn't have the crassness to ask her age!

When her name was called, she got up and I saw that PINK was appliqued on the rear of the sweat pants! That might be appropriate for a thirteen-year-old, but not for someone who has an 18-year-old daughter! How disappointing to see that from a "woman of a certain age"! When I told Les he said, "At least it didn't have JUICY!"

I thought, "I wonder if these people are assessing me?" I was wearing brown shoes, brown slacks, white blouse, and a camel-colored jacket. My overcoat was taupe and my gloves were brown.

I looked down at my Burberry purse and thought, "That looks very springish; I should have used a dark brown purse."

As I was contemplating my possible fashion faux pas, a woman walked in wearing a parka with a fur-lined hood, Crocs, and SHORTS!

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Anonymous said...

YOU are always color-coordinated! ML