Monday, December 9, 2013


I am dismayed by people who give unusual names to their children. One of my friends said, "I just gave it the President's test--how does President TIFFANY sound? If it doesn't sound presidential, don't name them that!" That was good advice before President Obama!

Recently a grand niece of my husband named her child "ETHEN" rather than using the standard spelling of "ETHAN". I reminded her that her own sister has struggled with her name being spelled "STEPHENIE" rather than "STEPHANIE"! Until I gave Steph a bracelet with "Stephenie" on it, she said she'd never seen her name spelled "right"!

In selling charms, it is a sure-fire sale if I can guarantee a name will be spelled "right" ("Yes, Kaytelyn, I can get it spelled correctly!", I said just last week.) My biggest selling point is that I can have ANY name inscribed on a charm. I call them the "names du jour". My supplier and I have an ongoing competition (CLICK HERE to see BLOG article: NEVAEH)

This month I have had five spellings of the same name: Kallie, Calleigh, Kalli, Calli, and Callie! It's the name du mois! (I can't help myself: mois is French for month!)

Over the years, I have read numerous articles which tell the problems of having unusual names! Today "THE WISE GEEK" published the following:

People who have uncommon names tend to be happier.
A person’s name might affect his or her happiness, because people who have rare names report higher levels of happiness than those with more common names, research shows. Researchers believe this could be the result of humans’ subconscious desire to be considered unique from others.
Research also reveals that people who have common names are likely to rate their names as being more rare than they actually are, a psychology term referred to as the false uniqueness effect.

I doubt this assertion. I notice that no "research" information is cited. CLICK HERE to see an article which dispels that notion.

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Anonymous said...

I remember you writing about Gerald singing "Brandy" to a girl named Brandy and your story about "Cecilia"; how would you like for people who think they can sing as well as Nat King Cole serenading you? Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)