Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I went to pick up an order at our local deli. There are always religious quotes on a white board they have displayed. I always think to myself, "I wonder why they waste their time hand-printing these Biblical quotes rather than posting specials?" I wonder who they think they are going to convert; believers already believe and non-believers don't believe. They do a good job with what I want; I just ignore the proselytizing!

Today as I paid, the young clerk said, "Merry Christmas". I didn't respond and as I was putting away my wallet, a man behind me piped up and said, "I'm just glad you didn't say Happy Holidays." Knowing that his little "lecture" was meant for my benefit, I answered, "Perhaps you don't know the derivation of the word holiday; it actually means HOLY DAY, so people saying Happy Holidays are quite observant also!"

As I left the store I said, loudly, "SEASONS GREETINGS!"

How dare people to try to enforce their so-called "beliefs" on others!

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