Monday, March 10, 2014


I have written previously (see my blog DOFF here) about the lack of decorum and respect from men not removing their hats and caps, especially at funerals.

Recently, during the visitation at a funeral I attended, I counted 22 men who did not remove their caps. One had his cap turned almost sideways; another had a ponytail protruding from the hole in the back, while another man was wearing a "doo-rag". It was not limited to young men, as several were wearing caps which showed their military service.

Are you thinking that it was equally bad manners for me to be counting hats at a funeral? I usually would agree, but I felt justified, after having attended a funeral less than a week previously, where I had been stunned by the number of men who did not remove their caps, even when prayer was given.

When I'd just about given up hope to see a civilized person, a man approached the casket and removed his cap. He held his cap in hand as he walked away. As he came near to me, I beckoned for him and when he leaned over, I said, "Thank you for removing your hat." He answered, "That was the way I was brought up; I would have been knocked off the chair if I didn't!"

He was the ONLY one who removed his cap. We thanked him for his service to his country; his cap showed he'd served with the 1st Cavalry in Vietnam.

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Arminta said...

Ha! You and respect. That's enough to make me laugh out loud. You should try practicing what you preach sometime. Your constant judgement of everyone else and your insulting and belittling manner to EVERYONE you see whether you know them or not, like the men who came to this funeral, is not only disrespectful, but snobbish.