Thursday, March 20, 2014

The CARDiologists

My friend Marilyn started a card-making group which she named The CARDiologists. I told her that was a good title as all the cards she'd given to me were from the heart!

The CARDiologists have been together as a group since January, 2013; nearly all of the members have been making cards for several years. Currently, there are nine Christian women involved, representing three different churches. They meet weekly at the Crossroads Church, and they usually spend 3-4 hours together, doing, as they say, "eating and creating"! Projects are planned for each meeting and when the projects are completed, members can work on their own special projects, including knitting and crocheting.

The theme of the group is: "HEALING HEARTS WITH CARDS". The group began making cards for the "Sunday morning post office" at the church, where each Sunday, cards were put out for the congregation to sign and the main recipients of the cards were for church members and guests and were sent to members who were ill and for bereavement. They have also provided cards for the use of the minister, sent cards to people in the military, college kids, Carriage Court residents, and made cards for The Well At Sunnyside, Christmas Gift Tree tags, The Cookie Ministry, special church events, Beth Moore Bible Studies held at CCC, and the 1,000 Gifts Study at Grace Community Church, and for the group's family and friends.

The cards are made in an assembly-line manner and there are always cards ready for use. Although the group receives a small stipend from the church for stamps for the CARE ministry Sunday cards and envelopes and tape runner adhesive, the members use a variety of methods in collecting materials such as: from card magazines and catalogs, online, Pinterest, internet freebies, and recycled cards. They also go to yard sales, library used book sales, and use nostalgic items such as buttons, lace, sheet music, and ribbons.

Several of the members of the group have had amusing incidents associated with the name CARDiologist when they would be saying they were going to a CARDiologist meeting and people thought they meant that they were going to "A" cardiologist for check-ups. Recently Marilyn was texting that she was at CARDiology and the person responded, "Oh, you're seeing a cardiologist?" Marilyn said that the next time she thinks she's going to say, "Yes, had to see FIVE of them today."

See the hilarious card Marilyn made for my husband. The caption inside reads: "Seemed like such a good idea at the time!"

In all the years Gerald worked, he never had an accident. I've never written about his accidents since he retired--only one was serious--but he's had an "oowie" at least once a week. As he has also been lectured to "Measure twice, cut once", this card is very appropriate.

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You never have written about the honeysuckle incident--too painful? ML