Saturday, March 1, 2014


As everyone knows, I love Jeopardy!, but I dislike Alex Trebek. I find Trebek to be a sexist, pompous, condescending boor. It's easy to be condescending when he has the answers right in front of him!

Last week, on the College Tournament, Trebek said to a contestant, who is black, "Kenesha, you better get it", when the question was about the United Negro College Fund. On the Thursday program he said that "Episcopalians are Catholics who flunked Latin." Surely the company will make him apologize for that comment!

There are numerous sites for people to vent about their dislike of Trebek. I thought Trebek should have been fired when he made a 12-year-old boy cry, because the boy had put an extra "t" in his answer of the Emancipation Proclamation.

How dare he correct pronunciations! Since he obviously thinks he's perfect, I wrote to Jeopardy! and asked them to tell Trebek HOW to pronounce sophomore as he says "soph-o-more! Recently he corrected an Hispanic's pronunciation of "Elaine" (see on YouTube) although he allowed "Benes". I agree that the contestant was amazing to have known the character Elaine's last name, but Senor Cortes' answer should have been allowed! In the same episode a contestant's answer of "haute" was allowed, although the "h" was pronounced. Mister French-Canadian Trebek should have disallowed that pronunciation also!

I am looking forward to having a new host. I read that the new host will be Matt Lauer. I saw Brian Williams being interviewed and he was asked if he'd accepted the job and he answered that he hadn't even been asked! I like Brian Williams and really enjoy his repartee with David Letterman when he's a guest. I'm hoping for Brian!


Anonymous said...

Can't stand him either! ML

Kara Jay said...

Last night he made a comment about how it was the second night in a row with a woman winner...
Would he have said that if it was a male? Nope.