Saturday, March 22, 2014


My friend Patty e-mailed the video named "MURMURATION" (below). It is indeed beautiful as I have also been in awe of murmurations of birds.

I wrote back that "murmur" is supposed to be the most beautiful word in the English language. I could not recall where I'd read or heard that assertion, but after Googling a number of sources, "murmur", "murmurous" and "murmuration" are included in all of the lists by "experts" who have compiled lists of the most beautiful words. (See "The 117 Most Beautiful Words In The English Language HERE). It begins with "acquiesce" and ends with "zephyr", neither of which I think are particularly beautiful.

I rather like "MELLIFLUOUS" and "INEFFIBLE".

What are YOUR most beautiful words?

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