Thursday, March 27, 2014


My friend Patty sent the accompanying video because she knows that I would be one to break out in song.

I've written before about the predilictions of my family, one of which is to answer questions with song lyrics.

Around our third date, Gerald came to pick me up and he politely asked my mother, "How are you, Mrs. Shirkey?" and my mother replied, a la Doris Day: "Fine and dandy...". As we were leaving, Gerald turned to me and said, in what I gauged to be a critical tone, "About your family." I didn't give him a chance to elaborate but said, defensively, "What about my family?" He said, "It's like being in a Hollywood musical--you guys sing for no apparent reason!"

Although I burst out singing "for no apparent reason", I am very different from the couple in the video because I lack their talent and I would never willingly appear on camera!

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Anonymous said...

You have sung to me so many times; I bet you don't even realize you do it! ML