Sunday, March 16, 2014


My Red Hat Ladies group went to a local restaurant for our monthly meeting. I had been to the restaurant twice and was disappointed both times; I would not have gone again except that it was our meeting. The first time I went the food and service were unsatisfactory; the second time I went simply because I had a gift card. On that occasion the owner stopped to chat and asked if we had any suggestions and I mentioned that an appetizer sampler would be a good addition to the menu.

During the recent luncheon, the owner of the restaurant came to chat with our group and asked for comments and suggestions. I said that I was glad to see the appetizer sampler and he replied, "Yes, I recall you asked for that." I doubt if he did remember it being my suggestion, but I applaud his nimble attribution! This time I suggested that there be a "cup of soup and a HALF of a Panini sandwich for one price" as two of the ladies were sharing a Panini!

Although the food and service were good this time, I won't patronize the restaurant very often because the prices are too high; we can spend money on gasoline to go to Olive Garden and have more--and better food--for a lesser price and I always have coupons for there!

Our waitress' name was Raven, and I kept making awful puns: "Will you quoth the specials again?"; "A Poe-Boy sandwich would be nice"; "I'm pondering weak and weary over the menu," and I persisted until the groaning drowned me out! She said, "At least you didn't mention Raven-Symone!" I told her that I'd sold a number of charms with the name "Raven" but she said she'd never met anyone with her name.

When the owner was chatting with us, he complimented the waitress and I asked, "So you'll keep her here FOR EVERMORE?" I swear that was going to be my final pun but one of my luncheon mates thought she was correcting me and said, "It was NEVERMORE, not FOR EVERMORE!" I said, "But earlier in the poem he wrote FOR EVERMORE!"

What could be better than listening to CHRISTOPHER WALKEN recite The Raven?

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