Thursday, May 29, 2014


I like the series Reign and, although the cast is comprised mostly of actors from the United Kingdom, the enunciation and diction are oftentimes difficult for me to comprehend. When I'm watching a recording of the show, I turn on "closed captions".

Last evening, after watching the program, I neglected to turn off the closed caption feature and when I switched to Late Night With David Letterman, the comedian Andy Kindler was performing.

During his routine, Andy asked, "I believe it was the great philosopher Descartes who said, 'am I right, Ladies?'"

The closed caption followed a few seconds later and it showed: "I believe it was the great philosopher DICK CLARK..........".

Kindler's routine had been moderately amusing, but the closed caption was hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how fast they have to type to do that job? ML