Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Time for a some traffic problems in Fort Lee? No, folks, it's time for CRINGE, FAYETTE COUNTY TALK!

CLICK HERE to see the article from The Huffington Post: 12 Commonly Mispronounced Words And Phrases which are: PERUSE, LIE VS. LAY, SUPPOSED TO, TOWARD/ANYWAY/AFTERWARD, FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES, BEMUSED, I.E. VS. E.G., ME, MYSELF AND I, FARTHER VS. FURTHER, FEWER VS. LESS, FLAUNT VERSUS FLOUT, and IRREGARDLESS, all of which I have used in other CRINGE articles!

I have an acquaintance who actually said, "I.E." in conversation, rather than saying "that is"! Another person there at the time, mockingly replied, "E-I-E-I-O!" and asked, "Do you also say E.G.?" The first one missed the sarcasm!

I hear people saying "TOWARDS, ANYWAYS, and AFTERWARDS" very often. The misuse of THERE, THEIR, and THEY'RE drives my brother bonkers as "HAVE WENT" does to me!

Ones not found in the Huffington Post article which are also common:

IT'S/ITS: (see cartoon sent from a Facebook friend below) why is it so difficult to understand the difference? Every time we see the misuse, one of us here in my house will shout "IT'S", mimicking the guy from the opening scene of Monty Python's Flying Circus. I have an associate who nearly always makes the error with writing ITS/IT'S; the same person also writes "SUPPOSE" when it should be "SUPPOSED" and also says "OFF OF".

Recently, I said "me" in a sentence, rather than "I". An acquaintance, who has made snarky remarks to me about some of my BLOG and Facebook postings about syntax, e. g., asked, in a taunting, "I GOTCHA!" manner, "Oh, shouldn't you have said I instead of me?" I said, "No, the sentence required my using the objective case; if I were using the nominative case, then I would have used I." The person said she didn't remember any such rules from school. I said, "I hate to sound old, but I think we learned those rules when I was in the fifth grade!"

The difference between HER AND ME is that I actually want to be corrected when I am wrong!

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Anonymous said...

I hear that "between she and I" quite frequently. ML