Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We began frequenting La Bamba Mexican Restaurant in Greenfield, Ohio, because of the recommendation of our friend Larry Chapman. It is a restaurant associated with (type in in your search bar for information about great deals). The restaurant featured a good menu selection, good food, good service, good prices, and we able to use our discount.

Recently, I was quite surprised to learn that La Bamba was no longer in business but another restaurant El Canon had opened in the same location. When I quizzed Mr. Chapman, he said that it was the same group of people who'd had La Bamba.

On Cinco de Mayo this year El Canon was offering a special menu and entertainment offered by SPARK!, a local group of musicians and artists. We had a marvelous time with Gerald being photographed wearing a sombrero and having a flower between his teeth.

When I asked why the name had been changed our waiter told us that there had been a problem with another restaurant named La Bamba and they decided just to change the name rather than have a lawsuit.

When I asked the waiter how to pronounce El Canon, he pointed to the front of the menu and was showing us the illustrations on the front of the menu; I saw a big rock and a small rock and he kept pointing to space between the rock and saying "el canon". When I finally realized what he was saying, I said, gleefully, "Oh, it's a CANYON!" Cacti, mountains (not rocks!), a river and a CANYON!

I would recommend El Canon to anyone who likes Mexican food; we think it's worth the 14-mile drive.

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