Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My friend Mona Lisa sent an e-mail and stated that when she saw my use of the word "whinging" in a BLOG article; she thought it was a misprint because when she started to leave a comment about the article, SpellCheck showed that it is not a word. I responded, "Did you go to the OED? it's a perfectly good Anglo-Saxon word." I also told her my brother's quote: "SpellCheck isn't God, the OED is!"

I understand SpellCheck will accept any usage as long as it's a word (such as "all ready" and "already") and one must be careful about usage. CLICK HERE to see the Grammarphobia article Ten Mistakes Your Spell Checker Will Never Catch.

I appreciate SpellCheck because of my own misspellings, but when I know a word is a word and SpellCheck doesn't, I always refer to my trusty OED to prove it.

See the cartoon Grammar Nerd a Facebook friend shared above.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like an oft-quoted celebrity! ML