Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Gerald received new slacks for work. When Les took them from the bag to launder he said, "These smell like the old Craig's Department Store." I said, "Yes, just like G.C. Murphy with those wooden floors."

Les said, "That smell just takes one back in time."

I said, "That sounds rather Proustian."

Les quipped, "I'd much rather have a cookie."

I have written before about Remembrance Of Things Past by Marcel Proust and the madeleines (see here) and also referred to Proust in several other articles.

See our favorite Proust-related cartoon from The New Yorker. When I went online to find this cartoon, I wasn't surprised, but just delighted by the number of "Proustian" cartoons I had to comb through the archives to be able to find this one.

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Anonymous said...

Because of your writing about Proust before, I read THE book and now I "get" the references! ML