Sunday, June 8, 2014


I've learned from attending City Council meetings that it is obvious that the City Council members expect the "citizens and taxpayers" (as the Chairperson calls the attendees) to know the names of the speakers and people giving "reports", although the speakers are not introduced. It's easy to recognize the Police Chief and Fire Chief because they wear uniforms designating their occupations.

It's good that the City Council members, the City Manager, and the Law Director have name plaques to identify them, but at the last meeting, the person giving the Financial Report and the person answering questions about the Zoning Board were not identified. I did not know either person.

Sometimes, the Chairperson will ask, "Is he out there?" and a person will stick his head around the Chamber door and say that he doesn't have a report. That is hardly professional!

The person providing the Financial Report lauded the "girls" in the Income Tax Department for all their "hard work" and then he found it necessary to praise them again. I wondered to myself, "Is he referring to the women who work there as "girls"? How big do they grow women from where that guy comes? If those "girls" get paid, why are they praised so lavishly for JUST doing their jobs? Are they volunteering?" I guess one could legitimately ask, "What do they do the rest of the year after the taxes have been collected?"

After the meeting I asked a knowledgeable person who those mystery men are!

I was tired of being accused of being overly critical, and I said, "At least the meetings start promptly at 7:30." My brother answered, drily, "Yeah, and Mussolini had the trains run on time." Oh, how I love historical references!

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Anonymous said...

GIRLS! How condescending is that? When one of those guys peeked in, they should be referred to as "boys"! ML