Thursday, June 5, 2014


In the past, I would read these kinds of articles on Facebook and not make any comments, but now I will share every one typical of this one because it might influence at least one person not to have weapons where children have access to them.

The article's headline is: "Florida 6-year-old kills grandfather with AK-47". The father of the child was quoted as saying: "The family is not trying to point the finger at anyone." No, Dad, you need to point the finger right at yourself rather than letting a child POINT a weapon! (CLICK HERE)

Guns, alcohol, and cocaine at a "family picnic"; what could possibly go wrong?

What the Hell is wrong with people?

We own guns; they are safely away from any visitors to our home because of a lesson I learned in the 1970s. My mother had a 6.35 MM (25 caliber in the U.S.), Italian-made Sata pistola which had been a gift to her in the 1950s from one of my brothers. She thought she had the gun safely hidden in her lingerie drawer. One of my nephews was staying overnight at our home and he had slept in his grandmother's bedroom. Fortunately, the bedroom door was ajar when my brother walked by and saw the fifteen-year-old holding the gun in his hands. My brother wisely stood away from any chance of direct gunfire and said, calmly, "Put down the gun; it's loaded." My brother went into the room, took the gun, and brought it to me, and I had Gerald put it in the safe.

Obvious questions:

1. Why was the kid nosing in his grandmother's lingerie drawer? Answer: just as parents don't have anything in their houses that their kids don't know about; it's just the same with some nosy overnight visitors.
2. Why was the kid in his grandmother's room and not on a couch? Answer: his parents slept in the guest room and since he liked to sleep late, my mother allowed him to use her room, and she slept on the couch.
3. What was his punishment? Answer: My mother left that to his parents but, not surprisingly, after that incident, kids were relegated to a sleeper sofa in the family room or to a couch in the living room.

We have guns; I still have my mother's gun; I know how to use a gun; I know that I could use a gun to defend myself and family. My grandfather and my brothers were hunters; we ate what they killed.

We have never had a loaded weapon at a family gathering.

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I just want to say PISTOLA! ML