Monday, June 30, 2014


We were watching the news and the announcement was aired that Pope Francis is going to excommunicate the Mafia members.

Les said, drily, "I hope he doesn't have a horse."

We are devoted fans of The Godfather, and it ranks Number 2 on my list of the All-Time Best Movies.

Oh, I so vividly remember THAT scene from The Godfather. Who could forget the yellow satin sheets, the Oscar on the bedside table, and still able to see the throbbing of the horse?

During the recent excitement about the possibility of a Triple Crown winner, Les said, "But we know that there could never be another horse as good as KHARTOUM!" (Khartoum was the horse's name in The Godfather)

Below is a bit of our trivia exchange:

"How much did Woltz pay for Khartoum?"


"Wow, I wonder what that would translate into today's dollars?"

"A whole manure-load!"

"Who put it in the bed?"

"Luca Brasi!"

"Khartoum had a white blaze on his forehead; it was missing in the bed."

"OMG! I have to watch it again!"

"Besides, it was NOT Khartoum because that head had cataracts on its eyes!"

"WTH? I never noticed that!"

"I just watched it again recently!"

"Oh, here's something you might not know: Charles, Lord Gordon, the Commander at the Battle of Khartoum, was BEHEADED!"

"You are SICK!"


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Anonymous said...

I will never get over that scene! ML