Friday, June 6, 2014


At a recent City Council meeting, it was announced that 50% of the applicants who took the test for the opening for a police patrol person FAILED the test! Two of the current City Council members are retired "educators" (as they seem to like to call themselves) and one member is currently employed in the school system.

All of them must be extremely proud of what the school system has produced.

There was a marvelous, unintended gaffe: in a presentation made by a Council member which was about a group which has been formed to combat the heroin problem in our county, she stated that "they need to dig up the pot." She obviously meant "to get to the bottom of the problem". I was very proud of myself that I didn't burst out in laughter. I asked the newspaper reporter if he were going to publish the comment and I told him he was a coward for not doing it.

Another Council member said "crick" but corrected himself by saying "creek". I gathered that he had been corrected in the past for that faux pas, as the accompanying giggling by other Council members would suggest.

I gather that the minutes showed one of the male members as "Mrs." because for the second time, the Council member mentioned that his wife didn't vote. Perhaps the person taking the minutes will have it correct at the next meeting.

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Anonymous said...

I get the impression you don't like some of--or is it all--these people? ML