Thursday, June 12, 2014


A former Facebook friend posted a quote by Billy Graham and I responded that MR. Graham is an anti-Semite and that she should listen to the tapes from the Nixon Oval Office with MR. Graham denigrating the Jews.

See the Facebook thread. My name, along with my comments, is visible, but I have redacted the names of the other posters.

I cannot fathom the depth (oh, I can't resist a pun: fathom/depth) of anti-Semitism in my small community. These people have probably never even met a Jew. How can these so-called "Christians" be so ignorant not to know that Jesus' first followers were His family and friends? The New Testament reveals them! How can they not know that Jesus was an observant Jew? Jesus NEVER denigrated His family; how do they not even know who Saint Anne and Saint Joachim were?

Several people who are her fellow Facebook friends were outraged because I posted the truth about MR. Graham. Why don't people want to accept the truth? When people posted untrue statements, I corrected them. For some strange reason, this caused anger and more misinformation spewed from the posters.

Rather than staying on the subject, the posters began making personal, derogatory remarks about me and making assumptions and accusations not based on fact.

One wrote that I was trying to force my beliefs on them; I had not shared any of my beliefs; I merely corrected their misconceptions. I have seen this kind of behavior repeatedly: once I tell people about an error, they immediately think that I am stating that as my belief. Just as the woman in my article RELIGIOUSLY CORRECT (see here) immediately assumed that I was a Roman Catholic because I explained the Roman Catholic doctrine to her. She didn't believe that Catholics are "Christians"

Les says, "Just swear off religion!" (You gotta like someone who will advise one to "swear off" religion!)

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Just IGNORE these ignoramuses! ML