Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Is there any more excruciating pain than that of listening to somebody who thinks he's amusing when he's just plain annoying?

At the City Council meeting, one of the Council members regularly attempts to crack wise.

There was a Second Reading of an ordinance to amend an ordinance which would allow residential use in the second and third floors of downtown business structures, eliminating the required number of off-street parking spaces.

When the Council President asked if there were any discussion regarding the ordinance, the jocularity-challenged Council member said, "There's past precedent because back in the day when there were saloons, they had sleeping rooms upstairs."


Several people actually laughed, obviously at his inanity, because his attempt at humor was patently absurd, because back in the day, wouldn't those horse riders have needed a place to tie up their horses? I doubt if there were very many people double-riding horses in the saloon days, thus, each horse rider would have needed a "parking place" for his horse.

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Anonymous said...

So, right now, if landlords have apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors, they have to provide parking for the tenants? ML