Monday, July 7, 2014


The son of a client likes to razz me about my bumper stickers and he has lately started calling me Mrs. Obama.

His mother had told the guy that I'd grown up with seven brothers, so he better be expecting a good give-and-take.

Yesterday, when he called me Mrs. Obama, I said, "Make sure you put an apostrophe in there as WE are Irish."

When I saw that he didn't "get it", I had to explain. (I hate it when people don't get my good comebacks and I have to explain 'em!) I said, "You know, O-apostrophe-b-a-m-a, just like a good Irish name."

I then asked, with the straightest face I could possibly muster, "Oh, you didn't know that the President is IRISH?"

Click here to see the article about the President's Irish roots (and yes, dear Alex Haley fans, I just had to use the word "roots" in this humorous juxtaposition). I like the lead sentence of the article: "When a 19-year-old cobbler's son called Falmouth Kearney fled famine-ravaged Ireland for the New World 161 years ago he could never have imagined that his GREAT-GREAT-GREAT GRANDSON would visit Ireland as the President of the United States."

See the campaign button Gerald made for me in 2008.

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Anonymous said...

Does Donald Trump know this? ML